We candytech


Candytech  is founded by Turban Brothers in the era of two thousand twelve when everyone is tired up of low batteries in smartphones and slow charging chargers .

Turban heroes gives birth to Candytech from the heaven to understand and fulfil  the lifestyle and consumer needs.  Focusing on the essentials they started delivering high power mobile batteries of all smartphones around the country majorly offline as demand of nation. 


After delivering the customer satisfaction and positive reviews in the market, Passionately, Candytech started Stepping up stairs of growth with the goal  to solve real problems and deliver amazing audio experiences with quality and style. In 2015, Candytech launched audio series with some premium headphones and portable speaker and from the time We believe in ensuring your passion for entertainment to finds the right  and introducing updated technology enriched premium products time to time at affordable prices.

Our Promise is not only to deliver the best , antique and quality product we ensures our customer with 365 days  product replacement gurantee..